(last updated 8/30/2016)

Here’s a short summary of my background and abilities. Contact me if you’d like a complete copy.



North Carolina State University

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Work Experience


Category My Skills
Languages Java, Javascript, Hack, C, Python
Frameworks React.js, Flow (JS type checker), GraphQL, Spring (Java), Bootstrap
Platforms Linux & OSX & Windows, AWS, Node.js, Android (some)
Tools & IDEs Mercurial, Git/GitHub, Subversion, Nuclide, IntelliJ, Eclipse
Specialties IDEs, REST architecture, full stack development, Agile

I also have experience with human factors including:

Extracurricular Activities

In my free time, I run competitively on the NCSU club cross country & track team, play cajon/piano/didgeridoo, and hike up big mountains.