Here’s a few of the more notable webdev/software/other projects I’ve done in the past:

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I built a data repository site from scratch using Bootstrap and Jekyll (the site generator that GitHub Pages uses). The goal of the site is to provide free storage of/access to software engineering research datasets.

A native Java implementation of the Scrabble board game, written as a final project for my first computer science class! It has many core CS concepts baked in, including searching & sorting algorithms, GUIs (with Java Swing framework), legal tile placement and scoring algorithms, etc.

A procedural python script that generates Newton Fractals in the complex plane. It doesn’t have a GUI unfortunately (Newton fractals are pretty!) but it uses Newton’s method to generate a matrix of hex colors that could be used for a GUI.

For my data structures class at NCSSM I implemented an array-based list, linked list, hash table, and a few sorting algorithms (bubble sort, merge sort).