Hello, my name is Mitch Rees-Jones.

Who am I?

I’m a Computer Science major/mathematics minor and University Honors Program student living and learning in Raleigh, NC at North Carolina State University.

During my junior and senior years of high school, I attended the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM), a public residential high school for juniors and seniors that provides a specialized STEM-focused curriculum for academically talented North Carolina students.

What do I do?

While my experience lends itself more to full-stack development, I’m more interested in, and now pursuing, more infrastructure, backend, data science, data mining, machine learning opportunities. I did some data infra work when working on Nuclide at my summer ‘16 Facebook internship, and am currently doing data mining research at NC State.

Here is my skillset, listed in order of more expertise => less expertise:

Category My Skills
Languages Java, Javascript, Hack, C, Python
Frameworks React.js, Flow (JS type checker), GraphQL, Spring (Java), Bootstrap
Platforms Linux & OSX & Windows, AWS, Node.js, Android (some)
Tools & IDEs Mercurial, Git/GitHub, Subversion, Nuclide, IntelliJ, Eclipse
Specialties IDEs, REST architecture, full stack development, Agile

I also have experience with human factors including:

For more information, view my resume!

What do I do in my free time?

I run on the club cross country & track team at NCSU, play piano and cajon, travel, and hike really tall mountains, among other things. I also cook and occasionally make recipes and post them on this site.

Why do I have a website?

The short: It is (1) A place to store my projects in a publicly available portfolio, and (2) A way to improve my communication and documentation skills and (3) To see how my interests and skills evolve over time.

The long: I started programming in 2008, when I discovered batch files through a family friend who works at IBM. I developed a small series of batch programs, and although they didn’t really do much past opening websites and storing usernames in a text file, they were a fun introduction to coding. When I started school at NCSSM, I learned HTML, CSS, Python, and Java through the CS classes I took in two years. Over time, my projects piled up, and organization was messy at best. Over the summer, I learned git and started migrating my projects to GitHub, in order to create a system with which I can better document and organize my projects and coding habits. I decided that the best way to manage these projects was with a personal website, and here we are.

Additionally, it serves as a public portfolio and ‘extended resume’ for potential employers.

I also enjoy tinkering with code, ideas, and social conventions.

What am I working on now?

As of Spring 2017, I’m taking Networking, Data-Driven Decision Making, Combinatorics, and Philosophy of Research.

Check me out!